About Us

We are a #proptech company based in Vancouver, BC.

eProp offers the clients an unique ERP software solution that will help real estate companies gain a competitive advantage in managing real estate assets.

The focus of eProp is to maintain  or enhance the value of the customers' assets.

One of the founders of the company is a property manager whose main goal was to develop a software that will allow any property manager to easily manage a real estate portfolio. The owner's philosophy  has been to use zero paper and to have all the information available with no more than 3 clicks of the mouse.

Our Mission 

To provide quality and honest software solution to a wide range of building owners, property management companies and investors to achieve their property goals.

Our Vision

To provide fully integrated and comprehensive software solution based on the latest technologies available in the market to manage real estate assets that help our clients in achieving their long term goals while optimizing the value of their assets. We pride ourselves on offering the most up to date, practical and cost-effective solution for each unique property situation.

Our Values

Professionalism: We will always provide our customers with a professional approach; we will offer our opinion as to what we believe in order to achieve the best returns for our customers.

Integrity: Our fees and charges are disclosed clearly in our agreements. No hidden costs to our customers. 

Sustainability:  We are always looking for ways to reduce or improve on our environmental footprint. Every customer who uses our software has the opportunity to use less and less paper.

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eProp.ca - Our website

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